Thursday, April 2, 2009

boden booty

I found out about Boden when a woman came into the store wearing a fabulous skirt.  You know, the kind of skirt that makes you ask - "where did you get that skirt?!"  
I want the life these clothes have in mind  --   A fun, flirty, comfortable, sunny, free-time, vacation-y kind of life!
all pictures from here


  1. god, i love those clothes!! and don't get me started on the purses...

    c'ville has become a real boden mecca, i've noticed. i feel compelled to point out that the quality of their kids' clothes is really superior, and the customer service is fabulous.

    end of commercial.

  2. vikki - you realize, don't you, that your post inspired this?
    LOVE to the yes for Boden.

  3. Isn't Boden the best? Love it. Have a great week!


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