Thursday, April 23, 2009

necessary evil

So, if I could look as gorgeous without make-up as Penelope Cruz, it would be a glorious day!  However, I have come to the realization that make-up is no longer optional for me.  It is a necessity.  Sad, but true.  From my under eye dark circles, to my fading lip color (why the hell does this happen?!) to my blotchy skin, I won't leave the house without it.  Gone are the days of a quick application of mascara and being on my merry way.  Perhaps this shift in mind set is rationalization for the shit-ton of money I spent yesterday on various creams, shadows, gloss, etc., but let's be real - Penelope Cruz I am not.


  1. I just randomly came across this blog entry and after reading it I feel very sad! Women are forced into this idea that we must put on make up in order to be presentable to the world. I see your picture below and I bet without makeup- as it looks like you have very little on anyway- are beautiful. You have a symmetrical face and you look young! I'm in my 20s, my mom is in her 40s and she spends a half hour every morning putting on creams, lotions, toners, face make up, eye make up, cover up, lip stick - oh my, it's endless! But she looks good without it. Anyway, I usually don't post on peoples blogs especially one as random as this but I hope you look at yourself and love yourself for who you are...and for the record Penelope Cruz is irritating ha ha

  2. i love penelope cruz!!
    shes so preety

  3. What is Beauty? Collection of right Skin and Bones, inherited from Parents ???

    I have been VERY upset by this beauty thing since 1995.

    It, the CONCEPT, makes us men wimps and limps. It makes women, Best Consumers of over priced products that shall only massage the ego and attempt to get them more wimps and limps.

    I read some thing that is available here (, and it kind of makes sense. The Onslaught of the Conglomerate of Beauty IndustrieS has got us all in their nefarious trap.

    You are VERY Beautiful, Dreamer Iggy's Mom! You all Three Are!

    I Love You.


  4. She's still sooooo beautiful without make-up

  5. You look very much like her. Your beautiful. : )


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