Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Oh, boy.  Add this to my (ever growing) list of things I desire.  Thanks to my new fantastically stylish blogger-friend, tailortaste, I learned of Antonia's Flowers perfume.  

The signature and original scent is Antonia's Flowers: "a spirited spring bouquet with a top note of freesia.  Soft and distinctly floral." 

The lovely Floret is "a fresh floral fragrance with a top note of living sweet pea."  The "top notes of sweet pea mingle gently with marigold, apricot, lily of the valley, rose and tuberose."

Yummy Tiempe Passate is "a rich and sensual fragrance that combines spicy, fruity and floral notes.  Cedarwood, amber, bergamot and clementine blend to create a modern classic."

The newest fragrance offered is Sogni Del Mare:  "new fresh, light downright joyful eau de toilette with you inspired by days and nights spent living by and dreaming of the sea."

They are all impeccable, but as is the case with things subjective, picking the "best" or the "nicest" could stir up a good debate.  (Personally my favorite is Tiempe Passate.  Ummmm.  It's divine!)
For a mere $5 you can decide for yourself.  Antonia's Flowers will send you samples of all the fragrances through their website.  And the $5 is credited toward a future purchase!


  1. Oh that sends me back! I used to wear Floret and LOVED it. I adore hyper feminine fragrances. Any touch of gardenia or tuberose and I'm hooked.

    Currently, I'm wearing Creed's "Tuberose Indiana." It's decadent!

  2. Hi Anita!
    Thank you so much for your words of comfort. It has been a tough couple of weeks...but I am okay. I will be back, stronger than ever and I promise to let you know what the future holds...just as soon as the path unfolds. You have been a wonderful inspiration!



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