Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new? or just new to me?

Alpha by Pie Studio

Dreamgate Headboard/Wallband by Studio 1a.m.

(I love this!!) Hi-Light: Kent, Re-Surface Design

Jasper from Neiko Designs (wonder if the chair is for sale too?)

Marine Mobile - Coral by Pukapuka Mobiles

Whirl Serving Platter by Kim Westad

hand silk-screened wallpaper; Captain Smith in "Promenade" by Grow House Grow

Is SUPERMARKET the new Etsy? I found out about it from the lovely Townhouselady. She featured some killer jewelry today on her blog. Here are some things I found irresistible!!

warning: you do have to weed through some felted craftiness, but I think the finds are completely worth it!

{all photos from Supermarket}


  1. Wowzers! Off to check it out...

  2. Hi Anita! Never heard of it but I am about to explore. Thanks for the tip!


  3. I've heard of it but never made it past the felted offerings. That wallpaper and leather bag-WOW!


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