Sunday, August 16, 2009

words cannot express.....

I love blogs!! How else would we be able see (and learn about) such amazing things from the comfort of own home/office with no more effort than the click of a mouse. Gatherings Home recently posted about a wedding at Versailles(!) Can you imagine?! Anyway, I was enthralled with the photography -- gorgeous pictures. Have a look-see at some of my favorites from Quentin Bacon's website:

all photos by Quentin Bacon


  1. The shots with the children are so sweet and the last one with the pup, ADORABLE!

  2. Hi Anita!

    So glad to see you loved Quentin as much as I did. His photography is amazing!

    p.s. The sale went okay. I still have some really awesome stuff left. And house is gonna rock!

  3. What's better than that first dreamy blue bed? A darling baby in the white bed further down. Beautiful photos!


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