Wednesday, September 30, 2009

california dreamin'

I came across this website today. LOTS to look at, but I narrowed down three homes located in California to post.
This first house is in the Cow Hollow district of San Francisco. Designed by Ken Fulk.
(ThomasPaul pillow? you really are fresh!)

(i love the "naked" window.)

(yummy painted ceiling)

(oh, you sexy staircase....
and you, handsome black pendant, you work perfectly in this space)

The following pics are from a house in Belvedere. Designed by Diane Einstein.
(where do i start.....?)

(love the color palette! just right for this space)

(wouldn't you like to move to my house, cocktail table?)

(it's alright, neutral rug, you don't need color; texture is all you need)

(my, my kitchen! you are just too hot to trot, aren't you?!)

This Modern house, in Marin, was designed by Marc Melvin. (Can you say mmmmm..... :)
(um, living room - although i think you're sporting way too many legs, i love your coloring and your cheeky art work!)

(sweet wall of windows!)

(oh, dining room, your table and chairs are lovely, but that side-board wall thing you have going on is the icing on your cake!)

(i see you back there, perfect pendant lights)

(why yes, i'd love to take tea in the amazing room with to-die-for bookshelves...)

(don't be silly, bedroom! grey isn't boring - why just look at your gorgeous wallpaper, cozy chair and fantastic bedding!)


  1. Those are some seriously talented folks.

  2. love it!! great commentary. love the way the art work is hung in the first pic.

  3. Oh wow Anita, these homes are AMAZING.....great choices you picked out for us.

    And your comments really made me are very funny :)

    Great post!

  4. All so different and yet all stunning. I'm not familiar with any of these bay area designers---now I get to google them! Thanks for the introduction!
    XX Kate


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