Tuesday, September 22, 2009

everyone's doing it

Yesterday I bought, for the first time ever(!), a tube of RED LIPSTICK. How does one get to my age and never purchased red lipstick, you ask?
There are a few reasons.....
1) I have very little lips, and I have always thought that lipstick just doesn't look "right" on my face. When I look in the mirror, all I see is BRIGHT COLOR (even when I am quite subtle in my approach). I believe I am more akin to The Joker or a drag queen
than any gorgeousness that is Scarlett Johansson.

2) I have always hated the taste of lipstick. Ever since I was a little girl playing with my mother's make-up, the taste of lipstick was a real turn off.

3) If I do break out the wallet to purchase lip color of any sort, it is always nude or pink and it inevitably sinks to the bottom of my purse or buried by other make up in my make up drawer. (I have lipstick in my drawer that I sware to God is circa 1994). Waste of money for something that is used a couple of times then forgotten about.

But this fall, I wanted to jump on the band wagon and go red - go bold, be an "in" girl.
This time, I told myself, will be different.
After perusing the available reds in the make up aisle of --gasp-- the grocery store, I thought a safe bet would be Cover Girl Continuous Color #580 (Classic Red).
This lipstick has NO taste (yeah!), but the color, on me anyway, is anything but red. It is much more pink than I would've liked. And again, I feel like I look like The Joker. I either need to give up the fantasy of having luscious red lips, or jump in with both feet, go to the department store, and try different colors/brands.
Any advice?
Do you wear lipstick?!

And pictured here, the Holy Grail of lips. I wonder what lipstick she's wearing? Most certainly not the $4.99 Cover Girl I just bought.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I will happily spend £20 on a mascara or a Chanel nail varnish. I make up my eyes, get my brows threaded, put on a nice Clinique blusher but on my lips? Just a touch of gloss or some chapstick.

    Next weekend, when I get time to browse the shops and not be put off by the orange sales assistants, I will find me a red lippy.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. I totally feel you! I splurged on a NARS lipstick in Cruella, a gorgeous shade of red, in hopes of looking like a fabulous starlet, but the few times I've gathered up the courage to wear it out I just felt...silly. I haven't given up hope though. I think I just need to learn to own it. Or maybe I'm just dreaming and it's a lost cause on me...
    XX Kate

  3. I have full lips that narrow at the corners--in other words, the joker's exact smile. Red lipstick on me looks horrifying. I DO like the look of a sheer red stain, though--it's a lot less severe and a lot easier to wear!


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