Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Euro-peein' in my pants

The internet is a marvelous thing! In an instant I can get sucked in and wind up in a place I had never intended nor knew existed. Websites: the final frontier.

So, after wandering through link after link, I hit the mother load. Struck design gold. Behold the amazing photography of Jordi Canosa. I believe she (or is it "he"?) is from Spain. I can make out the words "casa" and "Barcelona" on many of the captions.

This first set of photos is titled "Kelly Hoppen London." I believe it is a hotel.**
Since I did not go to design school, I don't know official names of styles....if you happen to know the name of this design-style, please let me know. I want be informed, and I am almost sure that Euro-fuckingawesome is not an official design term.

**Edit: I was wrong. It is not a hotel! It is someone's home, in London, designed by Kelly Hoppen. She states, "the challenge with this property was to bring a Victorian schoolroom into the twenty-first century, while retaining it's inherent architectural features." (Thank you, Simone, for directing me to Ms. Hoppen's website.)

Moving on to Set 2. This series of photos is titled "Casa Hymia - Suecia." This design style is called "open-and-airy meets kick-ass-stove for warmth." (Until I take that design class.)

The photos in Set 3 make me think it is a loved home. I'm calling this design style "white & wood is a good thing."
Casa Creadora -- Leksand - Suecia

Jordi Canosa Fotographo


  1. Oh my goodness! I love these photos as well! Kelly Hoppen has incredible style and taste. Her interiors are always chic!

  2. euro fuckingawesome SHOULD be a style. gorgeous images. isn't it great when, as a blogger, you feel you have found something that you and possibly others have never seen before??

  3. You did make me laugh Anita....love your post title!!

    Kelly Hoppen is a London based designer, as you probably know, I don't think she has a hotel (as far as I know) but she has certainly worked on hotels and many private homes in London - and all over Europe. Those circle-screens can be found the Hotel Murmuri in Barcelona (I saw them featured somewhere else) - she designed the interiors there too.

    Interesting post :)

  4. If you look here


    you can see more of her interiors.

  5. great and funny post!! For #3; leksand is in Sweden. For post #2; That is also in Sweden.
    You must like the Scandinavian flair?! For post #1; Kelly Hoppen IS Euro-fuckingawsome!!!
    By the way, check out her book Kelly Hoppen Home. In it you will find all you need / want to know about HER Apartment in London. Not a hotel, her own place... Pretty cool huh?
    Enjoy the book!

  6. thanks for all the info!! (I posted an edit re: Kelly Hoppen.)

  7. What eye candy! I especially love the Kelly Hoppen work. She is so amazing---understated, modern elegance.
    XX Kate


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