Thursday, October 15, 2009

zip up!

I could stand for a new winter coat. My [boring] long black wool coat is missing a button, my leather jacket needs to be cleaned, and my cute quilted down jacket is just waist-length (I'd prefer my bum to be covered!)
I came across this company that has some fantastic, very modern coats. I love the styling, colors, and materials.
{I'm not sure why the models all look so stiff -- maybe they're trying to emphasize the cool arms of the coats, but it looks weird, yes?}

the black neck and sleeves (with thumb hole) are part of the coat!!

I love the hem on this one!!

this one just looks WARM

don't know if I'm daring to go plaid....

And then there's always Boden...... ;)


  1. Such eye-candy! I want one of each... Too bad I'd need a new closet...and bank account. Sigh...
    XX Kate


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