Monday, November 9, 2009

chop chop!

Just in time for all that autumn wood choppin'! Hell yes!
Who knew an axe could be so sexy?! The Best Made Company is based in NYC, founded by designer and author Peter Buchanan-Smith and outdoorsman and environmental entrepreneur Graeme Cameron. It's definitely worth reading about these two in the "About & Press" section on the website.

The process:
Even though it’s “just an axe” it’s a blank canvas with endless possibilities. When the axe is finished we sit down and think of names. The naming process is crucial: it’s where we give the axe the beginning of its story, albeit a very short story (we purposefully do not caption the axes, just give them names) because we know our customers are inventive enough to create the real ongoing story.

I want a fortitude axe. Nice sentiment -- but I really like it because it's purple!
Also included on the website is their "inspiration" page. I was quite surprised by some of the photos chosen as inspiration for an axe. Who knew?

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