Saturday, January 9, 2010

celebrity shagging








Can you guess which bedroom belongs to which celebrity?  Some of these photos are fairly old,  and some are from "summer homes", but I bet you can choose where each celeb is knocking boots.  (And let's hope that the rooms circa 2002 have been updated!)

The players:
(a)  The Obamas  (summer house)
(b)  Donna Karan
(c)  Sir Elton John
(d)  Designer Simon Jacobsen
(e)  James Burrows
(f)  Ferruccio Ferragamo
(g)  Armani

Have Fun!!  I'll post the answers later today.

All photos from AD.

Answers:  1 (b)    2 (e)    3 (d)    4 (a)    5 (f)    6 (c)    7 (g)  

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  1. Thanks for the visit to Haven on Hanover. I'm hoping to stop into your shop today!! I'll introduce myself if I do - husband is along, though, so no telling what he'll be up for!!


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