Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fabrics like these make my palms sweat


One genius design company;
six glorious collections

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"Pure sophistication, elegance and grace; featuring figured velvets, wool flannels and silks."

 See that benign, neutral flame stitch in the back?  
It comes in other color ways.  Feel the heat?



"Icons brings you glamorous fabrics as an ode to all beautiful style icons of the past. This collection offers a wide range of different textures and materials. Rich soft velvets are combined with metallic surfaces, and shiny lacquer qualities. For the very extravagant and decadent this collection also boasts a beautiful mohair."

Continental Drift I
"Continental Drift is the ultimate fusion collection where continents drift apart and cultures clash together to form a rich melting pot of colours, designs, and fabrics. Have your own adventure and discover the worlds that have inspired us."

Continental Drift III

"Mysterious finds its roots in history where a touch of sixties and seventies is mixed with the baroque. It pays homage to bohemian chic: Extravagant, sensual and lavish. With Mysterious you can make your most decadent desires and fantasies a reality: The ultimate pleasure in interior design."

No Limit
"No Limit is a breathtakingly gorgeous collection with limitless possibilities. No compromises were made during the design process, so only the most stunning fabrics and intricate designs were used."

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....yes?

all photos from: UNIQUE FABRICS


  1. you need to come up to baltimore to visit the amazing textile co. near my house. nothing over $10/yard.


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