Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it's here!!

And it is stunning!
This is what Gulmira wrote in an email when I asked her for some information on the piece:

At the end of the 19th century, the art of embroidery was widespread in Uzbekistan. Almost every woman knew how to embroider. As a part of a dowry, embroidered articles were made for weddings and decorated the room of the newly married. Uzbek embroidery varies by purpose and is divided into embroidery of small household objects, and embroidery of clothes. However, the leading type of embroidery is undoubtedly Suzanne. The name is derived from the Tajik word meaning "needle work".

Available online through the Pillow Mint website.


  1. Oh my, that is gorgeous, Anita! It is going to look stunning in some lucky person's home. Thank you so much for the sweet comment while I was away. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love it.

  3. Oh my goodness that is absolutely stunning. What a great addition to your already lovely shop! XO


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