Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On TV!!

Our local CBS station -- Channel 19 -- is filming me today.....

I am being featured on their C'Ville Plugged In segment!
Pillow Mint (the blog) has been picked as the blog of the week.
Being on camera is something I am NOT used to.  I don't feel all that comfortable with the idea...I'm such an introvert!  However, I joked with the camera-man that perhaps this is my new calling.

So after stumbling through a short on-camera interview, I just hope Charlottesville doesn't hold the utter nervousness against me.  Perhaps the old adage will hold true.....any publicity is good publicity!

Don't most people who go on TV get hair and make-up?  
I didn't....


  1. Oh wow Anita, that is SO EXCITING.....well done!!! I am sure you did a great job on camera :)

    Love the squirrel cushions below.....and the wallpapers too....gorgeous!!

    Have a good day...now that you're a celebrity :)

  2. Girl, you look damn hot in your underwear.

    Oh, wait...

  3. Good job Anita! So my dear, do you plan on putting up a link? I must see.


  4. thanks, simone!
    raina -- if only!!!
    carol - i'll email you a link -- i just can't post it(!)


    Was your camera guy Skip? When he came here, he took more video of Baxter than of me...and I was totally fine with that!

  6. P.S. Videos are up!


  7. When did this happen? Where was I? I swear i would so have bunny eared you. How can I find this video.................SHOW me tomorrow, i will drive through anything, send link.
    On TV, in your shop? Wait I see Jeannine above me with some link, thank god, can sleep through the night, Anite you have some explaining to do:)

  8. THAT'S IT, I am famous for knowing you. Tweeter, blogging HA, I thought I was advanced with FB.
    AANNNNNNIITTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAA, are you going to teach me some tricks.Like how to email pictures? Geez, all that going on next door! You are now bookmarked or favorites whatever.


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