Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scott Frances photography

OK, so the title of this post is a bit misleading!   Have you seen the March issue of A.D. or just online photos like me?   
Apparently this project took many years and lots of money, so for the effort alone, I want to like this house.  Granted, there are aspects I love, but the overall feel I get is just meh.    I have no more idea of who Jennifer Aniston is after seeing her home than I did before.  Perhaps that's the whole point -- clean slate to the max....  
Neutrality can be great, but in this case, I just see zero personality and a whole lot of beige.
Tell me what you see.

{all photos from the Vaughn Hannigan website, where they are *much* bigger(!)}


  1. The views alone make it worth seeing! But yes, it could be anyone's house, I think...Not my style either, but I sure could use that climate and greenery right now.......

  2. Uh, giant windows and rock walls?


  3. Ok, I would live there in a flash EXCEPT a few
    things. The WHITE chair in the bedroom, is she kinky? Did ole Brad leave it? Does she have a private dentist?
    Pool table, for ME, waste of space at least for me AND...fuzzy pillows, my dogs rip them up!
    Love the outside because it looks warm and likely to stay that way:)


I love to hear your thoughts!


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