Thursday, March 4, 2010

in the white room...

I probably could never live in all white house, but I do love the clean, fresh look.
And I could always use more white ceramic in my life.

photos: Nato Welton, Polly Wreford, Tim Evan-Cook


  1. HEY I bought and love white ceramic lamps and stuff from Pillow Mint.............have never grown tired of them and still enjoy looking at my white treasures. PLUS they brighten up my guest room in a very chic way, BTW I changed the shades to this gold beady thing, love it!
    Freshened what would have been a traditional look. OF COURSE I had to put them on a camel bone (eco)inlaid table with Gould bird prints above. Sounds weird, but it works. THANKS Anita:)
    xxoo, Carlin

  2. Love white rooms and white ceramic so much!

  3. Gorgeous! I especially love the bleached oak floors.

  4. LOVE that top one with the HUGE painting.

  5. I could be quite happy in that last one.


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