Friday, March 19, 2010

Love Love Love

my new perfume oil!  
It's *perfect* for spring; and it makes me feel pretty.


  1. you ARE pretty. now you just smell how you look.

  2. What's it smell like? Love the packaging :)

  3. I hadn't really worn any of my perfume collection in ages. Started to revisit my favourite friends for my post on luxe life. Such a lovely treat... all day long I'm like "what's that divine smell... oh yeah, that's me!"
    happy friday! xoxo

  4. awww. thanks, jenny. you made my day!
    sue - it smells like a bouquet of flowers - but it's real essential oil so it's a true, clean scent.
    i don't know what the combination is though; she doesn't list the ingredients!
    erica - what are some of your favorites? i recently finished my bottle of narciso rodriquez -- love that one too!
    happy friday xo

  5. Cute name and chic it smells great!

  6. I love fresh clean scents for Spring/Summer I'm all about Marc Jacobs right now with it's clean gardenia scent.

  7. WAIT, I sell that. Anita tell them. Only scent I am happy with, for REAL!

  8. I need some new scents. Everything over-the-counter smells the same to me: cheap. I will check this out.


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