Tuesday, April 27, 2010

always a sucker for some exposed brick

Warm, inviting, aged to perfection, lived-in, lovingly appointed, and a swing to boot!

Sean Macpherson, hotelier
New York 

(ahem....a certain someone should take notes.  Yes, I'm talking to you.)

All photos by Todd Selby.
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  1. How addictive is that Selby! And, that night stand with that lamp...wow! Had to laugh out loud over the Gerard link, thought the same thing when Raina posted Kid Rock's house!

  2. Yup, total sucker for exposed brick, for sure! His home is AMAZING, I love all the quirky stuff! Great post, I hadn't seen this before!

  3. The perfect mix of lived-in yet stylish! How fun...

  4. I'm convinced I need a swing in my living room.

    If only to get the neighbors talking.

  5. Amazing! I so want a swing now!

  6. the long wall at my new house is exposed brick on two floors. can't wait to moooooove!


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