Thursday, April 22, 2010

OK - I admit it....

.......I like them!
(And even if you don't like them, you've gotta looooooove what they've done to the place!)

Read the interview here.

pictures via new york social diary.  heads up via scented glossy magazine.


  1. So i dont know them, but I never watch tv. These was good enough "the fact that they have seven kids under the age of 13 – all their own", that I love and they look pretty.
    FUNKY pad, I love looking at it but there is something that doesnt make me want to live there.
    Thank godness you finally posted a place I dont have to have:)

  2. Second pic, right under Pretty People reminds me
    of the stairs going to the English basement in that Absolutely Fabulous show. THAT show I LOVED!
    Such deliciously bad influences those two women are..............we need to hang out with those

  3. Do not even get me started about this family! I need to do a post on them as well....I have a full on obsession with them!

  4. tell me about it. i'm obsessed!

    the show is so charming and it doesn't hurt that their kiddies (and home) are so beautiful.

    thanks for showing the place finished!

  5. Is that the Novogratzes? HATE them! Just kidding, jealous beyond words would be a better description. This is JUST my type of style, this is one of the best posts I've seen on them!

  6. I am in the LOVE camp. AND I noticed the pillows on the Living Room couch are the same ones I have....keeping them now for sure! (Hehehe)

  7. Shari -- i tried to hate them....but you're right - jealous is a better description. (i got all the pictures from new york social diary....she did a great interview!)

    katiedid -- hehe!

  8. After the first episode I told my husband that we should pop out a few more kids and start buying property. He blankly stared at me. I should probably mention that we still aren't finished with the fixer-upper we purchased 6 years ago (and I use the kids as our excuse). Needless to say, I LOVE them.

  9. My husband hates Bravo shows as a rule of thumb. But even he looked over at me midway thru the last episode and said they were kinda cool. That was HUGE.....he's just not one to make a comment like that. I have a big crush on this family!

  10. I love them, too!! It would be so much fun to be a kid in that family.


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