Friday, May 21, 2010

Books I Need

Caribbean Houses
History, Style, and Architecture by Michael Connors
'[Michael Connors] spent last winter in Cuba, a rare experience for modern-day Americans because of U.S. travel restrictions.
“I go to Cuba legally,” Connors said. “The book is produced in the United States, but I did all the work in Cuba with permission from the U.S. government and the Cuban government. People don’t realize what’s down there. I love spending time in Cuba.
“The people are wonderful. The women are beautiful; the cigars are great, and the rum is exceptional.”
Connors said the typical image of Cuba held by most Americans is one of American cars from the 1950s, slums and deteriorating buildings. But he has documented another side of the story, one that features historic mansions in excellent repair.
“I call it ‘preservation by neglect’ because no one has gone in and ruined them,” he said.
The cover of “Caribbean Houses” is a photograph of the vestibule of Calvo de la Puerta House, an aristocratic residence built in Havana in the late 1660s.'  --James Straub,

Casa Mediterranea

Spectacular Houses and Glorious Gardens by the Sea

  1. Massimo Listri
  2. Text by Nicoletta del Buono
  3. Thames & Hudson

Sneak peek inside:


  1. these books look LOVELY!

    i would love to visit cuba. a friend of mine went a couple of years ago. she had the time of her life.

  2. I think I need these books, too!

  3. Makes me realize how badly I'm in need of a vaca!


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