Monday, May 31, 2010

dream a little dream

It's always been my dream to have a summer in and out; seagull sounds; board games; naps in the hammock; barefeet; and breezes through the screens.

Some of these homes feature design that I wouldn't normally embrace, but for a summer place, I'd be happy in any of these spaces!

{all photos by Jean Allsopp}


  1. these are all so breezy and pretty, especially that porch. and those peaches just scream summer!!!!

  2. of course, townhouselady!!
    hello, bringing pretty back! welcome!!

  3. You and me both! Some of those pictures are so perfect they make me want to cry.

    Some time, I should share pictures of Marc's mother house at the beach. It's not any of our styles, but with walls of floor to ceiling windows/sliders and decks everywhere, I'm sure we could deal with it...and then tear it apart mentally and redecorate it. :)

  4. The double decker porch with the hammocks! I am so there!

  5. yes, jeannine -- do share.
    Hello Deepali! Welcome!!

  6. You got me with the blue/turquoise library.

  7. I love the free hanging benchy daybed. Such a cool idea. Just make sure you've got some serious studs to drill into.

  8. I have never really had the urge for a Summer home, until yesterday when I discovered Laura Day's work in the Hamptons. And now your beautiful post is pushing me farther into lust.
    I should probably focus on a 'first' home before I get to involved with a 'second' home.
    Lovely photos!


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