Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dream-time in san francisco

lotus chair and ottoman from Fong Brothers, i. love. you.

yes, yes, and yes.

Yesterday, Katie Denham showcased some bedrooms from the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010.  I just had to share!
Read all about the designers and see other rooms from the house HERE.


  1. I was so.... hoping to maybe get out there for this. Looks just gorgeous! Will check out all the photos on KD.

  2. I'm all about that blue daybed. Just found your blog - love!

  3. Wow, the picture 4 is exactly I want today! Great post :)

  4. Hello pretty pink tulips!! Welcome!

  5. I just love every room here! That bed with that lantern and look at that cabinet with the art wall. Swoon.

  6. SO glad you shared them too!

  7. OMG that aqua blue daybed is drop dead gorgeous. As Billy Ocean once said, "Get out of my dreams. Get into my car."

  8. Wow! I love that blue bed! Thanks for your sweet comment on my office post :)

  9. That daybed is unbelievable. And the wallcovering in that room is so rich. Don't get me started on the server with the art displayed above. Beautiful!

  10. WOW, that is the most incredible daybed I've ever seen!

  11. I had no idea this was happening in San Fran!
    There are some lovely napping spots in your pictures.

  12. You said it best when you said "yes, yes, and oh yes"!
    Loving the daybed!

  13. Aloha and thank you very much for posting our Decorator Showcase project, Elemental Luxe. We apologize for not coming to you sooner. Our friends from sent us the link. More importantly fishcake provided the daybed, which we custom lacquered and then shipped to SF. We invite all of you to follow us. Our info is below.

    @Kendall The wall covering is We like it too. We used it in the Shorebreak Hotel King Suites.


    Roberto Tiscareno
    Social Media Marketing

    Philpotts Interiors -SF


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