Monday, May 17, 2010

Fill me in

I want to know


American publications

are hardly ever 


good and 


{leave your answers in the comments section.  thank you.}


  1. Yeah, I dunno. I wish I could justify the cost of a subscription to that magazine.

    The ONLY thing I miss about New Zealand is getting those fab Aussie shelter magazines for just a few dollars.

    You should check out "Inside Out," too. They also have an online sneak preview.

  2. I agree with Raina about the cost of the magazine! It hurts to buy it I don't but I do go to a bookstore and cuddle with it until the employees make me feel all weird like "what lady, it's just a magazine!" But to me it's heaven! They just don't understand :)

  3. Perhaps because they are so tied to their advertisers rather than writing about fabulous design? I remember living in Paris and having access to European shelter magazines - what style, what juiciness!

  4. I'm sure they are scratching their heads on that one as well. Love the pics!

  5. Excellent question! I have really learned a lot about international interior design from blogging, especially Australia and the Scandinavian countries, you're right, they blow us away!

  6. European magazines (Australian too) do tend to be more cutting edge. And I agree with The Buzz that advertising plays a major role! Plus, so many magazine editors get into ruts publishing the same looks and same designers. Sad...

    Maybe you should start your own online magazine!! :) I'd read it.

  7. World of Interiors is another example, I love it.
    BUT is expensive HOWEVER Id rather have one good no great mag a year than 10 a month of the American usual.
    WHY WHY WHY is right, but maybe we are in the minority!? Isnt that clear in other parts of our lives:)


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