Monday, May 10, 2010

plate it up!

Turkish pottery.
Be still my heart.
But good lord, would you dare put food on these plates?!

We could go to Istanbul to shop(!) or go to the website: iznikium ceramic.
My apologies to the blogger who originally posted on the turkish ceramics; I can't remember where I found out about this company.  Please let me know if it was you! ;)


  1. Love that pottery! My parents were in Turkey a few years ago, wish I'd known about this! It would look so fabulous in our kitchen!

  2. So beautiful. Love the vibrant colors.

  3. How fabulous - I would take any of these and more!

  4. did u happen to catch the apprentice last night??
    jonathan adler was judging some puke decorated rooms...

  5. Hello Dreams Ashore!! Welcome -- from one Maryland girl to another! ;)


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