Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Have I posted this before?

Sorry if I've posted this before......
But I think it bears repeating.

Kitchen Heaven

I love that backsplash!

(the awesomeness of the light fixture goes without saying....)

photos: Patric Johansson


  1. If you posted it, I missed it, so very glad you did it again! The awesomeness (love that word, whether in Webster's of not) of the light fixutre is huge! love, love, love it!!! xo Elizabeth

  2. I've never seen this before...and I'm glad you posted it! Pretty amazing.

  3. Super cool! And no- never seen this post. Is that a copper fixture?

  4. I think these are really pretty! The color scheme and everytihing makes me feel really peaceful... as if I'd like to live there. It's simple, too. And yes, that copper light fixture is amazing.

  5. I think the backsplash is the best part. V cool.


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