Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hey good lookin'; watcha got cookin'?

So scrumptious!!!
Do you cook in this heat?  I try not to.

all photos:  skona hem


  1. It is like a sauna here, so am cooking very one of these kitchens I would though!!

    Art by Karena

  2. i do and i bake, i can't help myself. but i bbq a lot too!

  3. You and I have the same taste in kitchens- I love all of those. Girl! Don;t get me started on heat! How's 114 for ya? I actually found that cooking on the convection cycle keeps the room cooler than the traditional setting. Just a little tip ;) How was the yard sale?!

  4. 5 seconds ago i walked thru the back door after stoking a HOTTER THAN ASS charcoal grill to make chicken skewers. did i mention that it was about 98 degrees outside as well? fuck this bullshit. someone needs to bring me a cold icy drink immeds!

  5. great kitchens! love that white painted floor...
    bbq is getting a workout but sometimes I'm just as happy with a bowl of cereal! ; )

  6. ooooooh!!! so beautiful! one million times better than my kitchen!

    i try not to cook in the heat. just to hot and sweaty to do so!


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