Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lay Down, Sally

Oh, how I do love Living, Etc.

I will be spending the day today cleaning the boys' bedrooms (no small task!), gearing up for school starting next week.  I cannot believe the summer is over.  It was one hell of a summer (ahem, not in a good way), and quite frankly I am glad to say goodbye. 

The good news is that hubby got a job(!) and things are looking up ever so slightly....

Now, the big question for moi is what to do with my "business" that is no longer.  The debt is still there and with no money coming in, I feel stuck.  Any ideas?  Anyone?


all photos:  living, etc.  current issue


  1. Great news re: your husbands job...wish I had a light bulb moment for you re: the rest...(the images are all so chic, maybe it will inspire you somehow, someway...) Good Luck1

  2. Glad to hear the hubs landed a job! Wish I had a scrap of business sense and could advise you, but alas, I'm a dummy about money.


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