Thursday, August 19, 2010

Total Madness!!

Did you know about this?

Charity Auction on Ebay: 
"The ten-day charity auction will feature a variety of vintage ‘60s furniture and props from the show’s iconic Sterling Cooper ad agency, including a number of pieces from the offices of Don Draper and Roger Sterling." 

 These dresses,too!

 Three days left to place your bids.

Current bid on this sofa from Peggy's office is $920

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  1. That blue sofa? Yeah, Marc has one in tan sitting in his storage unit. My eyes bugged out the first time I saw it. He had NO idea how much it was worth and therefore didn't protect it over the years. He's holding onto it in hopes that it's still worth something.

    Maybe we should put it up on ebay. :)


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