Monday, September 13, 2010

I heart art deco

I love most things art deco and stumbled on some great finds through my trolling tonight.  I think I would've loved to have lived during this time. 

Oh, to get my reupholstering-hands on these babies!!

Do you deco?


  1. here's the deal...
    i own the 3rd image down.
    it is a hard to find erte'.

    and i have been looking for the horses in the 1st image for about 3 years.

    do you know where they are from?


  2. hi renee,
    the bronze horse sculpture ("on parade (stallions)") is by Boris Lovet-Lorski. It was given as a gift to the Nebraska Art Association by Carl Rohman in memory of Lorraine LeMar Rohman, 1988.

    the university of nebraska featured it in a horse themed art exhibition last spring.

    i got the photo from the unl website when it came up under google images of boris lovet-lorski's work.

    hope that helps!!

  3. I have deco on the brain BIG TIME. It's my next big trend prediction. You're so ahead ;)


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