Monday, September 20, 2010

not that color!

I stumbled upon this lovely bathroom this morning.
For god's sake, why did they pick that horrible wall color?

What color would you repaint this room?

Living, etc.


  1. blah! I would choose a deep grey or even a chocolate for a sexy, moody feeling with that black tub and hide chaise. :)

  2. Silver Fox by Benny Moore. Cross between charcoal and chocolate, but more of a medium tone. I am totally freaked out by the idea of a tub at the foot of my bed, though!

  3. white? pink sea salt?
    i would stub my motherfucking toe on those stumps though and that makes this bedroom/bathroom a FAIL!!!!!!

  4. i was so focused on the color of the wall, i didn't even notice this was part of a bedroom.
    ugh. even worse all around.
    total freak out fail!

  5. sorry... but I do like that color!

  6. ANITA,
    I love that color. BUT guess it could be PURPLE hete
    I do not like the idea of a tub in my bedroom
    Thats whats wrong. Take away the tub, put a stone floor down and hide the little tv or teletubbie, what ever that thing is. Then get rid of the cow thing (although in a bedroom...:)
    get a snuggly sofa in the exact shade of walls, at end of bed. The space is not IMO used wisely.
    OH biggest miss, where are the stacks of BOOKS?

  7. Probably white, grey or purple. A nice plum . . . ahhh yes.


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