Monday, October 11, 2010

Dexter Dalwood

Since my last post generated not one comment or email, is it safe to say that ya'll don't want to see any more leftover inventory from Pillow Mint?  I've been selling some things on ebay, but wanted to try through the blog as well.
You just let me know -- do you want to see what I have left from the shop?

OK, on to the eye candy!!

This artist has some paintings that made my jaw drop.  L*O*V*E.

Jackie Onasiss

McCarthy's List

Room 100. Chelsea Hotel

Sharon Tate's House

The Liberace Museum

The Queen's Bedroom

Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse

Hendrix's Last Basement

Greenham Common


  1. So fun Anita!!! I love this fab art. I would love too know what you have left in your inventory, I don't need that great blanket though!! That pleated beaded pillow would be a dream indeed!

    Art by Karena

  2. so cool!! it seems like he used real images of furniture mixed in with painted

  3. You simmer down there sister!! I was going to comment yesterday and then got sidetracked. Love your inventory! Don't you dare stop pimping the goods!!! It's great stuff.

  4. I've always loved paintings of interiors - makes you wonder what went on in Room 100 at the Chelsea....? :)

  5. don't you hate when you get zero comments? if i get zero or just a few i feel like i FAILED. it is so dumb!

    and now i want to see that post and leave a comment!!!


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