Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guest Book Cuteness

OK, hardly ever do I do "cute", but this idea is worth sharing.
For those of you with upcoming wedding celebrations (Jen!), this guest book idea is unique and lends the 'extra special' to the whole boring guest book requirement.

Thumb-print people!!

The fact that the bride wore red and looks this fabulous makes the cute shake out to slightly edgy.

story here


  1. i LOVE that guest book idea! i'm passing on to a friend with an upcoming wedding. what fun!!

  2. So-So Cute!!!!!! I love thumb print people!

  3. Your photos are great, I just love the colors. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life. Recently I just finished a greeting card painting for the name Anita.

  4. hello, artist!! just checked out the greeting card painting for the name anita -- i love it! gorgeous art; all of it!

  5. oh my gosh this is awesome! what a great idea!

  6. Awesome book! What are the instructions in the frame?


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