Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happiness Is....

...taking the time to connect.
I'm going to make passion and intimacy a priority this weekend.   It's vital to my relationship, and is the best stress-reducer I know.

{Happiness is also spotting a yellow couch in a Paris cafe.  I'm guessing that only in Paris would a yellow couch look this good.}

photo: hip paris blog


  1. I thought you were gonna say a warm gun....

  2. Completely agree with you, happiness is time to connect but of course also this gorgeous yellow sofa!
    Have a wonderful weekend then ;)

  3. Love the yellow one. And you might just be right, it would for sure not match everywhere you would put it!

  4. I love the boldness of a yellow upholstered piece of furniture! I did a post last week and in the post there is an image of a bold yellow chair that Miles Redd did for a space using Oscar's now textile line.

  5. happiness is family and re-connecting. enjoy your weekend~!

  6. what a cheerful hit of colour in a cafe! :)


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