Saturday, October 23, 2010

I want to be a Sprucette!

These lovelies have mad skills and are living the dream.

Check out this video -- watch to the very end to see the AFTER on the chairs for the W Hotel!

(Erin and Karly: do you know this shop?!)

originally viewed on Varnish


  1. Here's the plan:

    -We both start playing the lottery.
    -We both win an insane amount of money.
    -We buy all the stuff our families want/need.
    -Still having an insane amount of money left, we take some time off to become Sprucettes.
    -We return to Cville, open a workroom, then open a store (I think one of us has some experience in this area, yes?).

    Let's get going on that.

  2. I *love* that plan. just so you know, I didn't win the mega millions last night (yes, I played.)

  3. Thanks for posting this video. I skipped over watching it on Varnish, but decided to watch when I saw it on your blog, too. These gals are now my vintage furniture make-over heros. They know exactly what they are doing (I'm still learning, but do it anyway) and produce gorgeous results. I'm sitting at their feet in awe! I found your blog through your comment on Desire to Inspire, and plan to visit you here again. Thanks!

  4. hello toni!! thanks so much for your comment. (i almost didn't watch the video on varnish, but i'm so glad i did!)


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