Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mountain Angel

I love the setting of this catalog photo shoot.  Unfortunately, all the featured products (bedding, table linens, pillows, etc.) are only available in Europe.  But of course.


  1. Oh my gosh! This place is amazing. How fun to stay in igloos. I wonder where it is and if it's real?

  2. This looks like a fantasy weekend. If only I knew how to ski!

  3. You totally can! I had a friend that used to go to an ice hotel in Sweden.

  4. where ever it is that they shot that hing it's amazing!!!

  5. What a dreamy setting! This totally made my day. Lovely post :)

  6. The logo looks really I went to the company site. The English version is really light, so I pulled out all my French and went into that side.

    The shoot was at Lake Geneva. They had some doggers involved, so I'm sold on this company. :)

    Too bad they don't exist in the US.


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