Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caspari, Charlottesville

There are three Caspari stores in the world:

New York

I snapped some shots today -- they're not finished decorating for the holidays, but it is so pretty every time I walk by, I couldn't wait any longer to take pictures.

Eye candy!

I'll have to go back; I'm realizing that there are several more vignettes to show.
(I'll wait till they're finished decorating!!)   ;)


  1. I love this shop! So surprised when I first discovered there was so much more than fancy paper napkins. And then when I learned that C'ville shares the company of NY and Paris!

  2. WOW - what a beautiful store. Looks like the kind of place where you could spend hours unearthing finds. I'm now putting the NY store on my must visit list. Have a great holiday!

  3. Actually, there are only two stores—one in Charlottesville and one in Paris. The location in NY is only the company's headquarters, offices, etc.

  4. Wow... I can feel the holiday spirit just by looking at those images...

    What a lovely shop, so many treasures.

  5. Oh Anita, what beauty. I loved looking but it made me feel sick to know I could never make my shop pretty like that. But I can learn from pics, when I get the time gggggrrrrrrr :)
    GIRRRRRRLLLLLLLL, I have to dust, I miss YOU.

  6. Hello Ann!! Welcome!
    I miss you too Carlin!


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