Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feelin' a little boho with Tracy Porter

I didn't know she offered rugs:

I like some of her things; love a few; but can leave most of it...especially the home wares/furnishings.
Having never purchased any Tracy Porter, I'm left wondering if it's great or if it's lots of (overpriced) junk.  
Does anyone know for sure?

I love all the things I've pictured here --
  where is that proverbial rich uncle when you need him?


  1. Haven't purchase anything myself but those elephant glasses would look great on my table!!

  2. I haven't ordered anything there. Love the tunic dresses, though.

  3. Oh such pretty things. Especially love that leather bag.

  4. Great tunics and I love that ring!!! I have never bought anything from there so I am no help.


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