Saturday, November 13, 2010

floto floats my boat

Next to great bedding, I am a sucker for leather accessories (and shoes).  I know it's probably not to the liking of my vegetarian friends, but I'll take leather over that pvc stuff any day!

Right now, I am loving floto!!
(Listen up, Santa.)

Well, hello Venezia Travel Tote!

Staying an extra night?  You'll want the Torino Duffle.  (I'm loving this cheery orange.)

Yum--  The Livorno Bag  (and that color is Dark Blue.  Oh yes it is.)

The Tavioli Tote

The Monticello Zip Wallet

The Milano Sleeve Briefcase

Ah, yes -- the Capri Collection, and the Lugano Sport.  Ready to Go!

Two of the best things about this (American) company is that everything is made in Italy, and the price point.  The most expensive bag I've featured is $399.  

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  1. I LOVE the crossbody fold over, the first one! Gorgeous! Hope you are keeping well Anita! xoxo

  2. oh boy, LOVING all of this! Thanks for sharing such a great find!


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