Thursday, November 18, 2010

I should've bought it tonight!

It seems like everyone has been a little under-impressed with House Beautiful lately.
Well step aside, haters!  The latest issue is really good.
I was flipping through it tonight at Barnes & Noble, but unfortunately didn't have time to stand in line for the purchase...I was already running late to pick up my son from hockey practice.

I'll get it tomorrow:  woo-hoo for my Friday night!  :)

One leeetle complaint: it's a tad thin for being a double month (December/January) issue.

Have you seen it yet? 
(zero photos on the web as of tonight!)


  1. Well, Anita, I'm glad to hear you say this about House Beautiful, because recently I broke down and purchased a subscription to the magazine after receiving such an outrageous subscription fee offer. I've not been reading the magazine, so it's kind of new to me. My first issue arrived in today's mail...and I kind of like it. It's so different than Elle Decor (for which I'm a subscriber), more down to earth, I think. A fun change. ;o)
    my blog:

  2. Hi Toni! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment -- glad you enjoyed your new magazine!
    (I forgot to go get it tonight!!)

  3. i bought it thursday...and it is really good. that last little boho california house is my fave. i can't stop looking at it. i love the little mattress/box spring as couch. brillz.
    and the serenbe house is very close to me.


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