Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Randomness on a Tuesday Night

How the beautiful Portia DeGeneres could ever hate herself so vehemently is beyond me.  
Thank God she's better now.  Let's all learn to love ourselves.

 I like these Designers Guild chairs.

Mark Bolton

This wall color will forever elude me.  yelloworangeredgold
Mark Bolton

[gratuitous cute kitty sleeping on a heater.]

And for my last bit of randomness:

My new Ulta mascara looks surprisingly similar to this Jimmyjane.  :)


  1. Love the Ulta Mascara and the colors on that plaster wall!

  2. I watched that and I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth. She is gorgeous, and I think I love her even more after that heart wrenching interview. I appreciated her honesty.

  3. Hi Melanie!! Thanks for the comment -- Portia's honesty was gut-wrenching.

  4. I love Portia, she's gorgeous. Not sure which interview you're referring too here but I saw her interview on Ellen and it was truly honest. I want to read her book!


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