Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear God...

Sometimes, for some people, the holidays are difficult.  Sometimes a melancholy sets in; a darkness amidst the twinkling lights and candle glow.  Sometimes it's hard to look at pictures of festive, glamorous over-abundance.  A reminder (to me):  Keep my Higher Power close no matter what; be grateful for what I do have; accept the love from those who care about me; give what I can and let that be OK; and most importantly -  don't give up before the miracle.



  1. I love this post - the letters are so innocent (and funny!)
    I agree - the holidays can evoke a lot of feelings and not all of them joyful but I love that reminder to yourself - those words can help many get through this season. Hope you have a lovely weekend xo

  2. ps: thanks for your comment on my blog - I LOVE your grandmother's wrapping idea - what a simple but special way to wrap a gift :)

  3. Oh Anita this is so wonderful and such a special reminder to us all. As you, as soon as I can force my way to the Post Office there will be something on its way!

    Art by Karena

  4. well all of the letters made me laugh, and your words put tears in my eyes. sometimes the holidays are tough, but i am trying to not let it get to me this year. :)

  5. This was just THE BEST! BEST!!!!
    (and loving the new header too!)
    thanks for this Anita!

  6. Donna: you are welcome.
    drollgirl and Sue: Thank You!

  7. Thank you so much for this beautiful and gentle reminder. You are so wonderful!

  8. SO cute! I love what the kids I teach will come up with sometimes (but not always so funny :( sometimes it can break your heart...)


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