Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ho Ho Ho (It's a brand new day!!)

Yesterday was a doozy of a day.

 {not my cat}
It started off with having to clean up a pile of cat vomit (while I was going to make coffee and barely able to register what exactly was in my path...)

Then I was cold all day because I didn't dress warmly enough and it was "as cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra," as Nana used to say!!  :)

The day was complete when I realized I couldn't deny *any* longer that I needed to stop at the store for this:

Come on Tuesday, show me the love!!!


  1. At first, I thought the last image was of a pregnancy test and I almost screamed out loud in my office.

  2. Oh Jeannine, those days are long over!!! :)

  3. That last one I never had in my life UNTIL I was pregnant. No fun.

    We have a rule in my house, cat puke and litter boxes make me puke so they are solely the job of the hubs. If I find the puke first I lay a piece of paper towel over it as an identifying marker and he cleans it up. Oddly, and grossly, we've discovered that if it dries on the rug it can be scratched off and it doesn't stain, if picked up when wet it smears into the fiber and stains. I know, so gross, but I swear it works.

  4. HA! So funny, Nicole. Thankfully, kitty chose the hardwood floor...

  5. Oh lady, I really hope tomorrow is shinier (and yeast free)!

  6. oh boy....i have you beat. every single day i clean up cat diarrhea off the floor AND cat piss off the sofa and sometimes there is cat puke involved too.
    i am ready to give them all away.

    no yeasty for me but i have a sure fire remedy that doesn't involve monistat. go buy a real, old fashioned live and in your face douche bag at CVS. then go and buy all natural NO SUGAR OR FLAVORINGS yogurt and a bottle of aloe vera JUICE (not gel) available at whole foods. mix the 2 into a bowl and pour into the Dbag. then squirt straight up into your koonakafoogie. twice a day til that shit is gone.


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