Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do You Have the Time?

I am in love with this watch!
Wouldn't it be the perfect new spring accessory?


  1. NO Anita, there NOTHING I like abut these watches.
    Plus they'd be impossible to tell time on!
    Good Lord! OK I like the bands, I would chose bl & bl, but i wont:)

  2. I think these are so cool! Agree - it would be hard to tell the time but hey, I could always wear it just for the design like a bracelet, right? They don't tell the time either :) Great find, Anita! xoxo

  3. Hello design traveller! So glad you stopped by; thanks for commenting!

  4. Loving the one with the cognac coloured strap.
    Very cool.

    xx Charlotta


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