Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Things I Could Use From Oprah's Must-Haves 2011

 The Shirt by Rochelle Beherens

 (Not that I have anything like a big bust, but the button gaping happens nevertheless!)

Bootights by Leg Up
(Tights and socks in one!)


  1. Oooo...I need that shirt too! I hate when it opens like that. I have been using garment tape. This would definitely solve that problem.

  2. I saw this on Oprah and it's about time a shirt is designed properly!! No more safety pins for me!! :)

  3. That shirt is AMAZING! I do have a big bust to deal with. It is NO fun shirt shopping. I have got to check that out!!

  4. I need that shirt. I hate the gapping of button downs.

  5. wow...these are good ones! I love me a good white shirt and constantly adding socks with my boots. Opie is did she know?! :)


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