Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wasted Away Again in Bravo-ville

Have you ever watched "Million Dollar Listing?"  I just saw an old episode this afternoon.
I like Josh's grandmother (Edith Flagg) and I think she and I would be great friends.

This guy seems weird.  I can't remember his name; I just kept calling him Albert.  Do you see the resemblance?  Or is it just me?!

(I'm dating myself again, but I was a die-hard Little House on the Prairie fan....)

Why do I waste my time watching this crap?  I guess it makes folding laundry less painful....


  1. OMG- Hahahah I was watching the same thing!! Still have the channel on Bravo. I have the house to myself today and am being a total slacker. I swear, I never get sick of Bravo.

  2. Oh, Thank God I'm not the only one!!
    I wish you could just come over and hang out with me!!!!

  3. WOAHHHhhhhhh...that is TOTALLY Albert!

    I find all of the guys insipid. Don't get me wrong, I still watch it, I just watch it and loathe them simultaneously.

  4. Oh, I watch Bravo all the time - even the reruns of the episodes I just watched. And that worm's name is Chad - I noticed he is missing from the new season. Wonder what happened?

  5. Ha!
    I guess the new season of this is back on!
    I watched a few episodes last season and it was like a train wreck, or at the very least a cheap opiate.
    I became rather fascinated with the dynamics and the obvious dysfunctionalities of these kids. But on the other hand, I was riveted at how they were able to often brilliantly move these multi-million dollar properties in a down and out economy.
    I'm with you, that grandmother seemed like great fun and I found she and her grandson's relationship quite touching -- plus, did you notice how cool her home is?
    Hm, maybe I'll watch a few more episodes. I can't stand that cocky brat with the bangs though...ugh.

  6. One good thing about not having cable is I have no idea what you're talking about! (I know, it's wierd that I don't have cable...)

  7. :) I love watching Million dollar listing! For me all these reality productions from BRAVO rocks! My latest favourite show is 'Thintervention' with Jackie Warner. Gives me motivation to be healthier in all levels.
    Happy new week!

  8. I think my son wanted to get his real estate license because of this show! That--or possibly the hair :)
    I tell my husband to "go ahead and go to bed, I have some trash TV to catch up on..." .addicted.

  9. sweetheart - as long as you're spilling it, I might as well 'fess up. LOVE that show. and much of the other junk on Bravo.


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