Monday, January 31, 2011

What Will It Mean?

I'd love to hear from those of you "in the know" about the recent purchase of Elle Decor.

What do you think it will mean that Hearst now owns:
House Beautiful, Veranda, Country Living, Town & Country and Elle Decor?
Good Lord, talk about a monopoly. 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone created Living, Etc. U.S.A. ?  

Found the news posted on All the Best.


  1. It's certainly an interesting question.
    Only time will tell. I certainly hope we get more inspirational and fewer of the generic and matchy-matchy, uber-lemming interiors we've seen of late.

  2. no idea what it will mean. but it better mean that my elle decor is in the mail no later than tomorrow afternoon.

  3. I guess that's the nature of media nowadays! As long as they all keep their own focus, I'm sure most people wouldn't even notice. I used to work for a big media publishing company and that's the nature of the biz. I would so LOVE Living,etc US (or Canada!) :)

  4. VERY good questions. I think it's BS, honestly...

  5. hmmmm...interesting - can't wait to see!!

  6. I'd subscribe to Living Etc, USA tomorrow if I could. I hate to be all "wah-wah" but I feel as if the selection in design mags has so deteriorated. The new online mags are really filling a niche that has opened up.

  7. Goodness, I had no idea. I just hope they have a clever marketing team that can keep the portfolio of titles alive. Canibalization can so easily happen and if they see one title 'eating' up revenue from another the may kill it.. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Living Etc is wonderful. A fave of mine too.
    Why don't you start one in the US?.. :)

    x Charlotta


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