Thursday, February 3, 2011

My husband thinks these are "too sophisticated." What do you think?!

Remember my client; the 10 year old?
Well, I've been working hard putting some Olioboards together for her and her mom to see.  Last night I asked John, "What do you think?"  he hesitated before answering, "I think they're too sophisticated for a 10 year old."

Really?  Should I tell him to stick to coaching soccer, or do I have to start from scratch?!

I'm in need of your expert opinion.
Here is her inspiration color palette:

(FYI:  She has two twin beds in the room.)


Avery's Room #1
duvet cover:  digi seaglass by John Robshaw
quilt:  white ruched by Serena & Lily
4 blue paint color choices: Benjamin Moore

Avery's room #2
duvet cover: lavender stitch by John Robshaw
quilt: vine by Plover Organic
4 purple paint choices: Benjamin Moore

Avery's room #3
duvet cover:  Mystere by Cuddledown
quilt:  Ink by John Robshaw
4 green paint choices: Benjamin Moore

I didn't include any furniture or rugs because her mom is only concerned with getting new bedding and repainting the walls.

I really need your honest feedback -- I'll be showing A. and her mom the Olioboards this weekend.



  1. Personally I LOVE them! Especially #3.

    Thing is she's going to be a teenager in the blink of an eye and she'll want something a touch more sophisticated.

    If she didn't she could just go get Dora the Explorer sheets at Walmart.

  2. Oh how lovely,

    I especially adore the third option -- it breathtakingly original and subtlly chic.
    In this case, I'd say take the hubby's quips with a grain of salt.
    10 yr.-olds are pretty sophisticated these days and it's not only nice to give them something to grow into, but also to surround them with thought-provoking and beautiful things that stimulate them to think further and make visual connections.
    Go with your gut, design what you love and pray the client "gets" it, says I ;)
    Cheers and good luck with it all, Alcira

  3. I like #3, too! I also like #2...the linens are beautiful!

    10 years old is 5th/6th grade, right? It's the start of the tweens. I don't think it's too sophisticated.

  4. Very nice—I think the second and third are my most favorites of all. Lovely, lovely...

    Also, thank you so much for the kind comment that you left for me the other day—I am feeling so much better than I was, and back to myself again.

    Hope you have a wonderful close to the week,

  5. First off, I don't think these are too sophisticated for a 10 year old. They're perfect. At that age, you want to create something that will grow with the child and 10 years old goes to 12 and 14 really fast. I think option #1 is my fave followed closely by #3. Great work!

  6. I like #1 and #3. The lighting choices are fab -- I want them for myself!

  7. I agree with all other commenters....definitely not too sophisticated! All a 10 year old wants to be is an older teenager and sophisticated. I love option 3 with the large scale bedding.....any teenage girl would love these!

  8. Thanks, everyone! I *really* value each and every one of your opinions. I will feel much more confident now when I show A. and her mom!

    And, I'll tell John to stick to coaching soccer! :)

  9. nonsense! No 10yr old wants a kid room anyway. From now on just ask us and not him ;)

    PS #3 is my fave.

    good luck!

  10. They're great. I have done several girls rooms of that age group. The palette is perfect. The touches of whimsy are perfect. She can personalize with photos on an upholstered bulletin board, or simply her own fave collectibles on a shelf. Everyone will still know a kid lives there! Trust me! ...not that you asked, but 1 is my fave for a 10 yr old, followed by 3. Good luck!

  11. I love all three of them! And most 10 year olds are much more mature than adults may think - by then they are happy to ditch the juvenile stuff and have something more in keeping with a teenager. Plus this won't age quickly and need to be redone right away as she gets older. :)

  12. Great options! I especially love #2 and #3. perfect for the inspiration. You will have a very happy client (and Mom!) Your husband can stick to soccer. I made the mistake of decorating my room at this age in a very little girl way then had to suffer with it into my teens. You are definitely heading in the right direction.

  13. They look great! She can always Hello Kitty it up a bit (or whatever her thing is) - and then she'll be able to de-HelloKitty in a couple years when she's putting up a poster of whoever the current teen heart-throb will be. You're giving her great options for a solid, consistent platform that she'll be able to shift and tweak to her tastes for years.

  14. Definitely not too sophisticated. #2 and 3 are fabulous for a 10 year old.

  15. Hello Paige!! Thanks for the nice comment; and welcome. Hope our paths cross in the 'Ville!

  16. #3 because it will show less dirt (10 yr old), prefer paint colors HOWEVER I really like (think) green lamp in #2 i like scones and an overhead that is covered. Room suitable for a good few years IMO


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