Friday, February 18, 2011

Old World Gets Me Jazzed

I look through a lot of magazines, read a lot of blogs, and spend way too much time searching, googling, and linking around the internet.  Sometimes hours go by and I come away with nary a pretty room to blog about.

And then sometimes, I strike gold. 

Meet an 1890's restored home on the Greek island, Nisyros:

The floor!!


I am a little lost here.  What is that -- a mattress??

Have you ever seen color so gooooood?  Great art, great furniture, perfect flooring, and gorgeous light fixtures.  Love, love, love.

All photos:  yatzer

house designed by owner/architect George Koukourakis



  1. Adore the saturated color ou, and those floors!

    A bit confused by the mattress in the they have a huge dog , guest sleeping or what?

    Art by Karena

  2. I love those ceilings! Such a fun textural touch.

  3. That kitchen cabinet color is perfection. What a great place, and I bet the setting is amazing.

  4. I feel very drawn to the red hallway and room. And also love to see some of Pantons work in these pics!

  5. Floors, TABLES, chairs & colors LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mattress in kitchen. Shall we say. over eat & siesta OR "afternoon delight:)" or BOTH?

  6. I have to agree--the colors are gorgeous. And that kitchen! Love the tile and the cabinetry...

  7. I love how colorful it is! Just another reason to go to Greece someday, right?


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