Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing Else Seems to Matter

We are keeping the people of Alabama in our thoughts and prayers this morning..

And THANKING OUR LUCKY STARS that Jack is fine.

Jack (my stepson) is a sophomore at The University of Alabama.
He was in his off-grounds apartment when the tornado ripped through the town of Tuscaloosa.  Apparently, he and his 2 roommates took cover in the bathroom, crouching in the bathtub.

Mother Nature is powerful.
I hope you and your loved ones stay safe today.


  1. Oh yes - thoughts and prayers with them. Thank goodness Jack is OK!! It seems that there have been SO many natural disasters of late!!

  2. Oh I'm so relieved to hear they were unharmed.
    Please ask him to take care from us.

  3. Oh honey!! So happy they are fine? Is the campus a wreck? He coming home early? God thats fucking SCARY!!!!! Too close for comfort!


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