Friday, April 15, 2011

Paris Déco... Off (Dreams of January 2012)

Practice your French, Diana!!
Next year we're ditching High Point and hitting the Paris Déco... Off!

This video made me short of breath with excitement.
It mattered not that I could only understand .01% of this video, but the music and the visuals more than made up for it!!

Speak French?  Help me out -- let me know the highlights!!

Here is the official website from the January 2011 show (just take a gander at the sponsors.)

Je ne peux pas attendre!

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  1. Well, the first think that caught my attention was that the anchor said they open this thing to the public.

    One guy said that they have a lot of people come into their showroom who have never been before (he was using the word "stranger" which could be foreigner or just...stranger, so I'm not sure if he meant people came from other countries).

    Another talked about how beneficial it was to see their items in their environment.

    I need to take some classes. My French is really lacking. :(

  2. Although I am French I know very very little...however..

    Come and enter my very fashionable giveaway from the French Basketeer!!! Andrea may be able to help you out!

    Art by Karena

  3. How incredibly enticing!

    The gist of it is basically that instead of staging the show in a convention center filled with booths, clients were encouraged to pop into the designers' showrooms, sprinkled about Paris, in order to create a more cordial, convivial atmosphere for browsing and discovering the latest collections. Several of the spokes-folks mentioned that their foreign clientele is actually larger than their local Parisian following, and that they enjoyed rubbing elbows with the out-of-towners during these events. In addition, bicycles cars and buses were decked out in fabrics and logos and were available to taxi visitors from one hot spot to the next.
    Sounds like a grand time in Paris ;)
    Hope that helped fill in the blanks, cheers, Alcira

  4. Alcira! You're positively fluent!
    Thank you so much. xo

  5. ¡Me gusta el modo que usted piensa a Anita! ¡Soy de a bordo con el switcheroo! Note: Hecho posible por el primer golpe de google en cuanto a inglés a traducción francesa - LOL.

  6. hahahahaha Diana.
    (Thank God for Google Translate and a little copy and paste!) :)

  7. Problem solved. We just need to carry the iPad 3G with us. :)


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